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Cruising magnets for hanging things in the room


We went on a cruise last week and one of the things I took along with us was magnets with hooks on them. Magnets for cruising turned out to be a handy little item to have.

The cruise walls are magnetic. Seriously! It seems odd, but they are. Magnets will stick to the walls inside your cabin. Adding the magnetic cruise hooks gives you a way to hang some items up. You can use them for hats, your lanyard, light clothing items, purses, etc.

The weight limit you get is something you want to consider. I purchased small ones, so they were able to hold things like hats and lanyards, but you want something stronger then you need to pay attention to the weight limits on them. I liked being able to use the cruise magnetic hooks so that things stayed a bit more organized. With four people in our one little stateroom it is easy for items to get lost and cluttered. With the hooks I was able to help keep things organized. I kept one hook near the door, where we hung our lanyards with our key cards on them. Across from the bed we had several hooks for hanging our hats. It all worked out great!

You can order cruising magnets for your wall right from Amazon. They have lots of different ones, including the ones we ordered, as well as others that hold more weight. You can see the ones we ordered here.

Happy cruising!

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