Learn how to make money blogging!


Want to learn how to make money blogging? Check out Jacqueline Bodnar's new book titled "Blog for Bucks: How to Create, Promote, and Profit from Your Blog."  Jacqueline's blogs include Volusia County Moms.

In this book you will learn:

  • Blogging Basics
  • Keeping It Active
  • All About Writing
  • Ways to Promote Your Blog
  • Monetizing Your Blog
  • Ways to Enhance Your Blog
  • Where Your Blog Can Take You

In this book you will also be able to read 11 short interviews with other successful bloggers, giving you multiple perspectives. The book came out in September 2020. 

To learn more about the book or purchase it, click here.

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Upcoming concealed carry courses with Shooting With Sherry


Shooting With Sherry will be offering a concealed carry course on September 19, 2020, and another one on October 10, 2020. The class is $100, and can be paid in cash, by check or through my online payment portal at www.ShootingWithSherry.com

During the class you will go over general information about Florida concealed carry law, how to apply for the license, the lawful use of deadly force, and the safe operation of a firearm to include placing effective hits on the target. If students do not have a pistol yet, they may use Sherry's firearm and ammunition for training.
Students will receive one on one instruction for firing a handgun. At the end of the course, students are presented a certificate necessary for the concealed carry license application. Classes take place in New Smyrna Beach.
Those interested can sign up on the website, call or text 386-882-8474

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