2023 Cassadaga Fall Fest


Cassadaga Fall Fest
October 28, 2023
10 am to 10 pm

Come one, Come all! Every year Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp invites in people from all over the world to experience the magic of the town's appeal while the veil is at it's thinnest!
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is world renown as the "psychic capital of the world", and is home to many talented spiritualists, mediums, healers and mindful individuals. Cassadaga is a sleepy, powerful, magical small town hidden amidst the depths of Volusia County, FL. People flock here from all over the globe daily to connect with their passed over loved ones, find inner peace, and add a little more magic to their lives.
The Crystal Mind will be set up from 10am-10pm on Saturday and Sunday to bring you the kind of quality mineral allies you'll be making magic with for years to come.
The Fall Fest is a great time to bring out the family to see Cassadaga in its glory, all local businesses will be celebrating in style with a wide assortment of holiday features including spirit walk photo tours (get your orb photos here!), messages from spirit via mediumship and psychic readers, artists, vendors, and you'll be sure to find a haunt or two!
Mark your calendars and make sure to come out for a spooky trip you won't forget! This event extends through the day and into the depths of the night so there is time for everyone to enjoy the energy at their leisure, whether you want to bring out the kids in costumes for a daytime friendly experience or summon the great beyond after dark- this is your time to shine!
Find out what crystal is calling to you, put a protection stone in your pocket and a manifestation stone in your hand. See you there!
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