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Composting demonstration in Ormond Beach


Want to learn more about composting? Join the City of Ormond Beach Community Gardens for a Compost Demonstration next Sunday, November 18th at 2 pm. Community Gardeners will demonstrate how to compost and discuss its benefits to your garden. You will also learn about succession planting and how to build a hoophouse! The demonstration will take place at the Ormond Beach Community Garden located at 601 Hammock Lane in Ormond Beach

All ages and skill levels are invited to attend this FREE demo! For more information, call the Environmental Discovery at 386-615-7081.

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Autoimmune Paleo Diet Coaching at Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center

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Autoimmune Paleo Diet Coaching

at Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center


The Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) is gaining popularity and exposure due to the astounding success stories that are being shared on blogs and websites. A recent study, the first of its kind, really caught the attention of the medical profession due to the amazing results for ulcerative colitis patients.

In the study, AIP dietary intervention consisted of a 6-week elimination phase (staged elimination of grains, legumes, nightshades, dairy, eggs, coffee, alcohol, nuts and seeds, refined/processed sugars, oils, and food additives) followed by a 5-week maintenance phase. Clinical remission was achieved at week 6 by 73% of the study participants. All maintained clinical remission during the maintenance phase of the study.

This is just the beginning of hopefully many more studies on the power of food as medicine. Terry Wahls, M.D. is well known for her personal use of food as medicine to reverse her symptoms caused by Multiple Sclerosis, another debilitating autoimmune condition. The Wahls’ Research team is presently running a clinical trial called "Dietary Approaches to Treating MS Related Fatigue", funded by the National MS Society. Watch “Minding Your Mitochondria” on YouTube TEDx for her inspiring talk.

According to the National Institutes of Health, autoimmune disorders affect over twenty-three million people in the United States each year. Autoimmune disorders include hundreds of medical conditions that are due to the body’s immune system attacking its own organs. One of the most frustrating things about current therapies is that they are often aimed at managing the symptoms alone not stopping the progression of the disease.

By using food as medicine, autoimmune protocol (AIP) followers are able to reduce troublesome symptoms and heal underlying imbalances by decreasing inflammation and healing gut dysfunction. The diet focuses on a nutrient-dense intake and eliminates inflammatory and allergenic foods to support the body in regulating the immune system. Along with the diet, it is essential to evaluate other areas of the autoimmune patient’s life that are important aspects in supporting the body’s healing abilities. Exercise, sleep, relationships, nutrient deficiencies, and toxins can all play a huge role in healing.

Dawn Share, AP is a certified AIP Coach and is seeing patients to provide the support and guidance needed to achieve optimum health and wellness using a patient-centered approach, working together through education and goal setting.

Appointments with Dawn can be scheduled at Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center, located in Port Orange, by calling 386-872-5757 or emailing

To learn more about Dawn, Holistic Women and Families, and AIP Coaching, please visit: and


Disclosure: Some posts may contain links that compensate me. Please read the disclosure.