Daytona Beach Music Academy Fall 2020 Special

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School is resuming and for the first time in history, students are schooling from home and in person.  Every family has to choose what's best for them, and some may not have a choice due to their work schedules and childcare options.

Music lessons gives you the same option, learn from home or come in.  Either option is a very low risk and on an emotional level, our 1 on 1 experience allows us to give you or your child that special attention.

If you are looking for a low risk activity, especially with the schools not being able to offer as much this year, look no further than music lessons at Daytona Beach Music Academy.

Take $25 OFF REGISTRATION when you schedule your preview by August 31, 2020!

Refer a friend by August 31, 2020, and earn $120 or a FREE month of lessons! The student must sign up for 1 full month for credit!

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