The Chiles Academy is Now Enrolling


To our community partners, friends, and families:

As many of you know, The Chiles Academy is a public charter school that serves pregnant and parenting middle and high school students and their children in Volusia County. Enrollment is open now!

We welcome any families who qualify for our services to get in touch as soon as possible about securing a spot for the fall semester.

Young parents are disproportionately represented at the highest poverty rates in the country, while simultaneously and chronically under-resourced. Only about 50% of teen parents will earn their high school diploma. The mission of The Chiles Academy is to combine a community of support and guidance for pregnant and parenting students with the goal of attaining a high school diploma, which will empower them to become independent and responsible citizens.

What We Offer

  • Customized curriculum designed by on-site educators alongside a hybrid online model for credit earning and recovery
  • FREE transportation services including school bus, Votran passes, gas cards, and rideshare programs
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Classes, Family Dynamics and Independent Coursework in Life Skills and family support
  • Paid internships and job training
  • FREE child care at one of the largest on-site child care centers in the area with over 15 years of DCF certification
  • On-site community boutique for FREE baby items, household items and gently-used clothing
  • FREE diaper program earned by student attendance and academic achievement
  • FREE on-site mental health counseling provided by certified mental health therapists with a specialization in trauma therapies
  • FREE on-site access to health care services including family planning, pre and post partum health, women’s health and immunizations
  • FREE healthy meals prepared on-site for all community members

If you know of any young parent who is prepared to build a successful life for themselves and their family, please help us spread the word about what we do. Visit our website and all of our social media platforms for daily updates and reminders about the resilient and inspiring community we serve.

Warm regards,

Abby B. Ferguson, MA

Principal & Executive Director

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