Greek cooking class in Ormond Beach


On the menu: Pastitso (Greek-Style Lasagna), Spinach and Feta Triangles, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Greek Salad, and Galaktoboureko

Takes place at The Casements in Ormond Beach on September 26, 2019 at 4 pm.

Each cooking class is a hands-on learning experience with mostly heart-healthy recipes. Recipe booklets are included, and wine is served to those 21 and older. Food that is prepared in class is served to the students, and take-home containers are also offered to each student at the end of class. Each class is $85 (taxes and supply fee included).

Call Chef Elaine Pitenis at (386) 299-6522 for more information or to register.

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Norwood's Eatery & Treehouse Bar Review



For months, I have been wanting to go to Norwood's Eatery & Treehouse Bar, located at 400 E. 2nd Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. I was drawn to the treehouse style diner as we drove by many times. Today was the day we finally decided to give it a try, stopping in for lunch. Norwood's offers a main restaurant and dining area, and then there is the treehouse, which you go upstairs for. We wanted to go to the treehouse area, however, the main dining area looked like a nice place, offering both indoor and outdoor seating.

The Norwood's Treehouse Bar is an area that has been built around the trees, which I really like. There is a bar, and numerous tables and chairs. Although it was hot outside, we were not hot at all dining outdoors in the treehouse, because they have fans going. It was actually quite pleasant sitting there. 

I had looked at their menu online before we arrived and had spotted two dishes that we wanted to get. However, when we arrived the online menu and the one in person were not the same. One of the dishes we had wanted to try was not on the menu in person. That was okay though, because we were still able to find two dishes we wanted to try.  My husband and I like to get two different dishes when we go to new places, so that we can do a "switcharoo," and each take part of the other dish. That way we get to try both dishes. 

We ended up ordering the Parisian gnocchi and the sweet potato burger. I had unsweet iced tea with no lemon, and my husband opted for a draft beer. The food arrived and it looked good. We split it up on the plates and tried the dishes out. The sweet potato burger is curry spiced, so it kind of tastes like an Indian style veggie burger. It was really good! It offered a combination of a curry flavor and a sweet flavor, which we both really liked. The sweet potato burger is made from sweet potato and quinoa, and is then topped with coconut curry sauce and coconut "bacon." It comes served with fries and a hush puppy. The Parisian gnocchi is has a variety of veggies in a corn alfredo sauce. The sauce was tasty and there was a nice variety of vegetables in the dish. It was also good!

We really liked both of the dishes that we tried and give them a thumbs up. We both liked the food and atmosphere at Norwood's, and we would go back there again!

- Jacqueline

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