Embry Riddle Astronomy Open House in Daytona Beach

Join us to learn about astronomy, and view the night sky through binoculars and telescopes!

February 21, 2020

Public Lecture - 7:00-8:00 pm, IC Auditorium
Speaker: Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Topic: TBD

Observations* & Activities - 7:50-11:00 pm, COAS Building
*Telescope and binocular observations are weather dependent.

The event is free and open to the general public, but donations are kindly accepted. We have kid friendly activities best suited to ages 6+. We have step stools so kids can reach the eyepieces.

If you have your own telescope we invite you to bring it along and join our students and faculty on the grassy Quad in front of the COAS Building. The more telescopes the merrier!

There are many activities to explore: observe the night sky through telescopes outside and on the rooftop deck, view a 3D poster gallery of images from Mars, learn how different telescopes work, take a walking guided tour of the solar system, interact with our gravity-well simulator and other physics demonstrations, see rockets built by students, and more! There is no fixed program for observations and no reservations are necessary.

**1-meter Telescope Tickets**
ERAU is home to the largest research telescope in the Southeastern United States! Free tickets with tour times are distributed on the 2nd floor on a first come first served basis. Tickets are only available in person, and not distributed until 6:45 pm the night of. Due to space limitations in the 1-meter dome there is a limit to how many people can observe through the 1-meter in a single night. The 1-meter is only accessible through a ~2 story flight of stairs and not wheelchair accessible.

Astronomy Open House nights are proudly sponsored and supported by: Embry-Riddle Observatories, Amateur Astronomy Club, and the Daytona Beach Campus Department of Physical Sciences.

For directions and more info visit our website: http://erauobservatory.org/
Donations kindly accepted:

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