"Emperors of the Deep" book review


Recently while strolling the new release aisle at the Port Orange Library, I came across a book called "Emperors of the Deep." The book is all about sharks and the cover states "Sharks - The Ocean's Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians." I was immediately intrigued and checked it out.

As most people in the area know, New Smyrna Beach is considered the shark bite capital of the world. Many people in this area have a fear of sharks, much more so than most other animals that they could encounter. This book sets out to change our views on sharks, explore how we got them in the first place, and to discuss what is happening to sharks in our oceans. This book goes in-depth to provide information on the state of sharks in our world, why we should care, and what we can do about it. 

This is an important book for everyone to read. It's especially important for those who support longline fishing with their store purchases (such as buying tuna), and for those who care about humans, animals, and protecting the oceans. You will learn more about sharks than you ever thought possible, but will also learn about how the fishing industry supports slavery, why sharks are so misunderstood, and so important to our planet.

Living in the area of the shark bite capital, I think it's even more important for people to read this book and gain a better understanding of sharks.

I highly recommend reading "Emperors of the Deep," whether you pick it up from the library, or purchase it on your own. Two thumbs up!

- Jacqueline

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Bonefish Mixed Grill Review


Hurry up and try Bonefish Grill’s mixed grilled dinner before the promotional period ends September 30th, 2019! For $49.99, two people can dine in for the ultimate dinner. The perfect night out includes three courses for two. This includes four wood-grilled selections, three sides, two salads, and their tantalizing bang bang shrimp! Yes, all of this for $49.99.

I had the opportunity to visit the Bonefish, located at 1702 West International Blvd. in Daytona Beach, with my husband this past weekend to try this amazing new dinner they are offering. We ordered the salmon, filet, shrimp, and ahi tuna for the main course. The sides were mashed potatoes, broccoli, and corn chowder with lump crab soup. We also had the bang bang shrimp for the appetizer. Boy, this was a lot of food for just two people! My husband and I asked our waitress if we could substitute the salad for soup and they did for no additional charge. If you’d rather try the soup, just ask for a substitution! Both of us really like their mashed potatoes, so we doubled up on that as part of the sides. I only had one minor complaint and that was just preference about the ahi tuna. The ahi tuna was thick and not thinly sliced. Again, this is just preference, and I’m sure you could request it to your liking.

This wasn’t our first visit to this location, and certainly won’t be our last. The service is very attentive, the restaurant has a good vibe, and the food is down right delicious. I suggest you give it a try too! Also, this Thursday at the Daytona location, they are offering the build your own mixed grill dinner for one, for only $19.99. This will include 2 mixed grill selections, 2 sides, and a salad. You will not be getting the bang bang shrimp though (which is the most scrumptious fried shrimp).

Of course, Bonefish offers other food selections besides fish. If you are allergic or just don’t like fish, I am confident that they will accommodate you. I encourage you to try something new and why not now since its an amazing promotion! Take a friend, your significant other, or venture out alone! You won’t be disappointed.

Review by: Kelly Lariosa

Visit the Bonefish Grill menu here.

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