Review: Bonefish Grill Daytona Beach


While Bonefish Grill is a chain restaurant, the newest Daytona Beach location doesn’t give off the vibe as being so! My husband and I arrived at the newest Bonefish location at 1702 West International Blvd last night and were presently surprised. The ambiance, the decor, and the mood was unlike other Bonefish Grills. We were greeted with a smile from the hostesses and immediately seated. The tables were clean and well appointed. The restaurant, with its modern decor and seaside flare made it very comfortable, yet upscale at the same time.

You may ask how the food was. We were offered appetizers, and drinks to start with. The appetizers were wagyu beef sliders on a savory potato bun and their famous Bang, Bang shrimp. The wagyu beef sliders were amazingly tender and juicy. The Bang, Bang shrimp were plump, packed with flavor, and offered just the right amount of spice. The drinks were part of their happy hour and were a Hawaiian orchid martini made with Cruzan guava rum and a floating edible orchid. The other drink offered was the smoked old fashioned made with Woodford Reserve. This is a one of a kind drink made of bourbon and had the largest ice cube in the glass I’ve ever seen. Both are a must try on their menu.

The main course consisted of a variety of seafood. Plated left to right was Atlantic salmon, shrimp, Georges Banks scallops, and swordfish. All were flavorful and the toppings worked in unison. The salmon was flaky and grilled to perfection and the swordfish was more dense and had a delicious sauce. The sides were broccoli and mashed potatoes. The broccoli was fresh and steamed perfectly. The mashed potatoes were delicious as well. They certainly saved the very best for last. We were served their carrot lava cake for dessert along with an espresso chocolate martini rimmed with sugar and chocolate. The carrot lava cake was decadent with a cream cheese molten center, served warm, and topped with homemade whipped cream. It was served with vanilla ice cream atop a nest of graham crackers. Absolute deliciousness in every bite!

Don’t let the name fool you- the name may contain fish and the decor may be seaside themed, but the offerings are far beyond that of just seafood. This location offers “excursions” for groups wanting to host their next party or company get together. They have all the information on their website. While, I do believe some entrees are on the higher side, you do get an ample amount and great quality of food. The restaurant is perfect for groups, couples, and kids. For the budget conscious person, I suggest checking out their happy hour from 4-6 weekdays. They offer bar bites for $6 and drink specials. My husband and I had a lovely dining experience and think it’s the perfect place for your next night out.

Review by: Kelly Lariosa

Visit the Bonefish Grill menu here.

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Review: Wild Rabbit Bistro in Ormond Beach

Wild-rabbit-bistro-ormondI was near Ormond Beach today, so my husband asked if there's anywhere I'd been wanting to try out for lunch up that way. Indeed, there was! I've been wanting to try Wild Rabbit Bistro out, so we decided to go there for lunch. Wild Rabbit Bistro is located in at 48 E. Granada in Ormond Beach. They moved into where the Kale Cafe Ormond Beach location used to be.

They have a nice little cafe with plenty of seating options, as well as some outdoor patio seating. I wanted to check this place out because they offer numerous vegan options they offer. They denote their menu so you know which dishes are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. It was challenging to decide what I wanted to try, because there were numerous options that sounded good.

My husband decided to get ultimate quesadilla, which is vegan and has black beans, sweet potatoes, spinach, red pepper, avocado, and hummus. I ordered to the bbq tempeh banh mi, which is served on roll and has greens, cucumber, pickles, carrots, cilantro, and wild siracha sauce. My dish comes with a side, so I chose to have roasted sweet potatoes. They ended up serving me chips with it, so when I let them know I was supposed to get the roasted sweet potatoes they brought those, too. I didn't really want the chips, so I shared them with my husband.

My husband really liked his quesadilla, which he said it was great. It looked fresh and seemed filling. I really liked my bbq tempeh banh mi! The bread that it was on was a little crunchy, which I liked, and the bbq tempeh was perfectly flavored and had a great texture. The siracha sauce that you top it off with was a nice treat, I loved it! The sweet potatoes were also delicious and made me feel like patting myself on the back for such a healthy meal. 

Their menu offers both vegetarian/vegan options and meat options. Their ingredients are non-GMO, and local and organic whenever possible. They also don't use any artificial ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners or dyes. They also try to use a lot of organic ingredients.

Overall, the food was really good. We felt like we had a healthy meal that was made from fresh, wholesome ingredients. We will go back again when we are in the area.  I'd love  to go back when I can order one of their organic acai bowls. I saw someone else with one when we arrived and it looked great. Two thumbs up for Wild Rabbit Bistro!

- Jacqueline Bodnar


Disclosure: Some posts may contain links that compensate VCM. Please read the disclosure.