Review: Jet's Pizza in Port Orange


Finally! Jet's Pizza has opened in Port Orange! I'm really excited! 

Jet's Pizza was founded in the Detroit metropolitan area, it's Detroit style pizza. And it's been mine and my husband's favorite pizza for many years (we are from the area where it was founded). We moved to Florida 16.5 years ago, and there was no Jet's Pizza in the area. Therefore, we would get it at times when we went to Apopka or Jacksonville. But now... we have it a few minutes down the road!

I saw a year ago that they were going to open in that location at 3813 Clyde Morris (across from Perrine's, next to the Walmart Neighborhood store). But it took so long for it to finally open, I about gave up on thinking it ever wood. Last weekend, it finally opened and so we got pizza tonight.

Delicious! Jet's Pizza is always good. We love it! We always order it the same way for as long as I can remember. We get half with mushroom and onion (my favorite) and half with green pepper and onion (my husband's favorite). Those who know me pretty well know I love Jet's Pizza, so I'm happy about them opening so close to home. 

If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. Get it the typical way it comes. The bottom and sides are all crispy, making it different than other types of pizza. Two thumbs way up!


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