The House Next Door Family 5K in DeBary


Advent Health presents The House Next Door Family 5K at beautiful Gemini Springs on March 7, 2020! One Event, Two Options; option one: Timed Run - West Trail, option two: Un-Timed Walk - East Trail

Calling all families, runners, and walkers! Please join us for our Third Annual The House Next Door Family 5K. This year is the second year in a three year series, featuring a Firehouse. Last year was a Playhouse and next year will be a Greenhouse. Collect all three! To get more information on the 5K or to register, click here.

Join us as we enjoy a wonderful day to benefit the families in our community!  Our services include: Mental health services, school-based services, in-home services, and parenting classes, our agency has had a positive impact on families since 1976.

To learn more about The House Next Door, please visit our website at

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