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Swim advisory for 27th Avenue area in New Smyrna Beach

UPDATE: The swim advisory was lifted by the health department on 9/23/18. Additional ocean water samples were taken Saturday. The analysis received today show the water has returned to acceptable levels.

Beach advisory sign

Dated 9/21/18. The Florida Department of Health in Volusia County has issued a swim advisory for the 27thAvenue area of the beach in New Smyrna Beach. The advisory is a result of recent water sampling conducted as part of the of the Healthy Beaches Program. Advisory signs are being posted. 

This is a precautionary advisory and not a closure.  

A swim advisory means that contact with the water may pose an increased risk of infectious disease based upon Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria, and swimming is not recommended at this time. 

This site represents a small section of Volusia County’s coastline. The Healthy Beaches Program monitors 13 sites that span more than 40 miles of Volusia County’s beaches.  Bacteria levels were acceptable at all other sites tested.  The advisory only is for the areas listed. The advisory will be lifted when bacteria levels drop.  

Every two weeks, the department analyzes ocean water samples for enterococci bacteria.  Enterococci bacteria can be found in the intestinal tract of humans and other animals.  Associated bacteria can cause gastrointestinal illness, upper respiratory infections, or skin infections if open wounds or sores exist. 

During recent sampling, bacteria levels at the affected site ranged from 134-160 colony forming units per 100 mL. 

Established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, enterococci single sample criteria are: 

Good: 0-35 Enterococci CFU per 100 ml of marine water

Moderate: 36-70 Enterococci CFU per 100 ml of marine water

Poor (unsatisfactory): 71 or greater Enterococci CFU per 100 ml of marine water 

Additional ocean water samples have been taken. If those results are at acceptable levels, the advisory could be lifted Monday.  

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