Junior Lifeguard Camp in Volusia County

Junior Lifeguard Program in Volusia County
From June 7, 2021 through the end of July 2021, kids can enjoy beach activities while learning lifesaving techniques. During the week-long camp, professional lifeguards will offer participants a chance to learn about water safety and first-aid techniques. Junior lifeguards will also take part in daily team relays involving surfboard paddling, swimming, running and beach flags.
The Junior Lifeguard Program is not a learn to swim program. To qualify, junior lifeguards must be able to swim 100 yards within two minutes and 15 seconds, tread water for five minutes, and swim under water 10 feet. First time participants must attend a tryout, which take place Saturdays May 8, 2021 through June 12, 2021. This is for ages 9-15 only.
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